Journey to Shalom

Do you wonder if lasting change, healing, & transformation are possible?

Combining sacred stories and Internal Family Systems (IFS) unlocks practices that meet our deepest need: restored, loving relationships with ourselves, others, and God—the wholeness the Bible calls shalom.

Biblical stories of exile and adversity, along with stories about adaptive strategies to survive it, provide a bridge to our own sacred stories. Rediscovering the connection between our story and sacred stories reveals a path to transformative healing in our personal life. Integrating Scripture with evidence-based psychotherapy is a robust approach to healing, combining the best of both worlds.

Journey to Shalom offers a fresh perspective on ancient truths alongside approachable practices that restore hope for healing our deepest wounds.


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A Sacred Story

Your story deserves a curious and compassionate witness.

The sacred stories of Scripture illuminate the human struggle—alienation, shame, and exile—and cast a vision of restoration and wholeness through loving God, others, and ourselves. Suffering is redeemed, and relationships are reconciled through love.

This story can be your story.

Practices drawn from an evidence-based secular model (IFS) help us release the constraints to love so we can live out this vision.

Does the presence of God in our suffering and our healing journey matter?

In our frustration and discouragement with the failures of our faith communities, it is tempting to close the Bible and give up on its sacred stories as relevant to our healing.

The lens of the Internal Family Systems (IFS) psychotherapy model provides a fresh perspective on ancient stories, revealing a path to healing.

Shalom is more than peace.
It means wholeness, health, justice, and hope.

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Journey to Shalom