Molly is a licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT) in private practice. She received her master’s degree in marriage and family therapy from Bethel Seminary San Diego and returned to Bethel as an adjunct professor in the MFT program.

Early in her career as a therapist Molly decided to specialize in treating the impact of early adverse experiences and trauma. Understanding the influence of the family system from her training, when Molly began studying the Internal Family Systems (IFS) Model she knew she had found both a comprehensive, evidence-based approach to healing, and a model deeply congruent with Christian spirituality. Molly has the highest possible level of training in the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model and has attended numerous IFS retreats. She presented twice at the annual IFS conference on the integration of IFS and Christianity. She also frequently serves as a staff member for IFS trainings, and offers workshops and individual consultation to other therapists interested in learning IFS.

Molly’s first master’s degree, in Public Health, led to her previous career in healthcare administration. Unlike most people, she loved being in a hospital environment. Capping that career as administrator of an acute care facility was a highlight of her professional life. During a break from paid employment her primary vocation outside the home involved service in a para-church ministry offering in-depth Bible study. After serving in various leadership roles, Molly helped launch a new class as teaching director. In addition to weekly lectures, she routinely led retreats. She assumed the nudge to go to seminary was about studying theology (which is still her favorite topic for reading and podcasts), but God had a different idea.

Molly and her husband live in Central Oregon, an outdoor paradise offering, among many things, Molly’s two favorite activities: hiking and downhill skiing. In 2018 Molly became “Minnie” to her first grandchild, a life-altering event. She loves telling people that every cliché you’ve ever heard about being a grandparent is true. Minnie and Papa visit their children and grandchildren in Southern California as often as possible.