Do you ever wonder if your longing for lasting change is “too much”? Does a part of you suggest you should settle for “good enough” because it’s greedy or self-absorbed to believe that your desire is a signal worthy of attention?

With compassion for the parts of you who want to tamp down expectations, I encourage you to lean into those desires and longings.

Listen to your soul, and attend to the voice of the Spirit leading you to wholeness.

After all, that is God’s hope for you.

Since entering seminary to study marriage and family therapy, I have worked to learn about and share the best of both spirituality and science to support people in resolving persistent challenges.

I want you to have the best resources available for your healing journey – the best of spirituality and science.

In my work with clients, I’ve seen how the best of both spirituality and science supports lasting change. And lasting change is what we all hope our efforts will achieve.

Healthy spirituality is grounded in love.

God is love, and love is the power that heals. Spiritual practices that unleash love are transformative. I believe this is why God’s vision for our lives—the Great Commandment—is a vision of loving relationships.

The science of human functioning unlocks specific information about how love heals and leads to practices that, when added to traditional spiritual practices, help us flourish.

These books are some of the sources I used in writing my new book – a book that equips you with transformative practices.

As I double-checked citations, I realized how the stack of scientific books matched the stack of spiritual books and how the stories I culled from the Bibles I used tied them together! I drew on the best of both in crafting this resource for your healing journey, titled  Journey to Shalom: Finding Healing, Wholeness, and Freedom in Sacred Stories.

The inspiration came right on the heels of releasing my first book, and I assumed it was just a fleeting distraction from the tasks necessary to launch Restoring Relationship. Needless to say, that was not the case. The more I dug into the idea of connecting sacred stories from the Bible, seen through the lens of the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model, with your sacred stories, the more excited I got about this resource to support your journey.

This week, I was delighted to receive an endorsement from Lizz Enns Petters, writer and co-host of the Deconstructing Mamas podcast:

This is a book I didn’t even know that I needed. Molly creatively and expertly weaves the human experience of our known Bible characters into the Internal Family Systems model. The result is a deeply healing work that gives voice to and hope for the journey so many of us are on.

My goal is for Journey to Shalom to give you the best of both—spirituality and science—because that’s what you deserve.

Journey to Shalom will be available for pre-order on Amazon by mid-November. Launch date is January 23, 2024!