Are you teetering on the edge, wondering if you should commit—or recommit?

I love to ski. It’s the only activity where I push limits and take risks. Last week I stood at the top of a steep run deciding whether I was up to the challenge. Once I point my skis downhill, there’s no turning back.

Do my legs have enough juice in them to navigate the terrain? At this speed, one misjudgment, and you’re tumbling. Is anyone around in case I fall? Check. Check.

The snow beckoned. My heart pounding, I turned the skis, shifted my weight forward, and committed to the run.

What commitment—or recommitment—are you considering?

Creative projects

Different domains of life often require evaluating risks, costs, and stamina—a process that is bound to provoke members of your inner family.

You hear from risk managers who tell you all of the potential pitfalls.

A critic says it’s stupid even to consider the commitment.

Different emotions—fear, excitement, grief—ping around your body.

The more significant the issue, the more chaotic it becomes inside.

Chaos provokes distractors, who jump in with ideas like binge-watching your favorite show. (Formula 1: Drive to Survive, anyone? I’m hooked.) As enjoyable as distractions are, the decision still looms.

It’s time for you to gently but firmly step forward so you can bring your God-given resources to bear.

You possess clarity, confidence, and courage. Curiosity and creativity are available, along with calm—all supporting your connection with inner family members who have opinions about the decision you face.

Let the different parts of you who are chiming in know you are listening.

They will relax when they have your attention. Now you can have a meeting where one person is talking at a time.

You might feel pressure from a part of you who wants to rush the decision; it’s uncomfortable to be with conflicting thoughts and emotions. Ask them to trust you. You have what it takes to sort through and discern your direction.

As you slow the pace, patiently listening and gathering information, soothing the anxious ones, you’ll shift from chaos to calm.

You’ll be confident about whether to commit or whether to save the steep run for another day.

Cheering you on, whatever choice you make.