It’s wildflower season in Central Oregon, and I’m delighted by the variety we see on our daily hike. They’re fleeting, so this week’s will be replaced by others before the heat of summer consumes the last of them.

Wildflowers are courageous.

They emerge in spaces dominated by soaring pines and massive boulders. The soil is dusty and rocky; water is already scarce. Their stems are fragile—so fine one wonders how they hold their blooms.

Against the odds, they muster determination and persistence to bring beauty to the world.

They remind me of you.

We might not have a personal relationship, but I know my readers, so I’m confident I know a few things about you.

You long for beauty—harmony in relationships, peace in your soul, and connection with the Divine. But some things in life are like massive boulders blocking your path. While there are times of discouragement, you lean into hope. You seek practices supporting lasting change.

You want to be like a wildflower, courageously growing and determined to overcome obstacles. And I’m here to help support you.

These practices are light, water, and nutrients for your inner garden:

Awareness—Change begins with awareness. Turn your attention inside, noticing emotions, thoughts, sensations, and impulses. Just be with what’s there, offering space for love to flow from you to all you carry.

Unblending—This is the term we use for practicing differentiating between your Self—soul, keeper of God-given resources—and the many members of your inner family. This practice helps you notice the difference between love in all its forms and the worried, weary, fearful, and distressed parts of you.

Connecting—Who needs your attention? What is most intense or persistent in your inner system? You can hang out when you feel curious and non-judgmental—able to accept it just as it is without needing it to change. How is this part of you trying to help? What does it hope for? What does it need? You’re cultivating a relationship, and you know how to relate to people.

We commit to practices when we believe they will make a difference and help us achieve goals.

I am confident that cultivating relationships with your internal family members—the parts of you helping you navigate life’s challenges and those who are tender and wounded—will help you reach whatever goals you set.
The more Self-led we are, the more space we give the Spirit to flow in and through us, the more clarity, confidence, and courage we have to deal with challenges.

I know you might be facing daunting circumstances.

You are in a demanding season of parenting or partnering. Work is relentless—in the home and outside it. Elders require more support. Loss lingers, and anxiety persists. Overwhelm is a constant companion. Loved ones turn to you for help.

Life often calls for bold, courageous perseverance—the resources to be the wildflower blooming against the odds. You have these God-given resources; connecting with your inner family members will allow them to flow.

May you be delighted by unexpected beauty.